Why scrum? The "how to" of development teams in sync and in tune

As software development agile evolve, daily scrums are the pulse that create great projects. Small daily concurrent communications are a powerful tool for keeping teams in sync. We see this in the ever present use of tools like Slack. But in its most powerful form, daily stand-ups or "scrums" are concise communications following a specific formula. What did I work on yesterday (or this morning)?  What am I working on now?  What will I work on next? Any blockers?

At this moment, in stand-ups occurring around the world, developers are alluding to the revelations they have found as they explore their working domains. Because stand-ups are daily, developers are able to concurrently inform teams about their explorations and also their inventive solutions.  As they work, developers are identifying key problems, inventing new solutions, refactoring both ideas and code, and helping each other, until the overall goal is met. The synchronization of the standup, helps to keep the development team in tune.

The stand-ups of a team (or sometimes teams) working together day after day creates a synchronicity, though imperfect, that tight synchronization is how a coherent piece of software gets built. The daily rhythm of standups and slack communication leads to the invention of new solutions. The team members cohesion drives the project forward. Thus the daily standup is the pulse of agile and the pulse of invention. New software is derived from this steady pulse of problem solving, creativity and along with the flexibility to follow the problem solvers to the solution.


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