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All good things...

In 2013, an intrepid group gathered and began building a dream piece of software -- a 3D map based real estate software platform for commercial real estate research.  Meeting daily to scrum and bi-weekly in person, we dreamed of a future where it was easy to research and investigate the potential for any property with all the data in one place. This dream became and by January 2015 we had our first freemium release.  For most of 2015, we explored freemium sales to independent real estate brokers and established ourselves in the market place. Ultimately, realizing that the number of commercial real estate brokers and agents might not be sufficient to fund our enterprise alone we began work on our premium release.  By January 2016, had launched a new premium release.  We held onto a loyal fanbase and attempted to find a foothold selling to existing commercial real estate enterprises. The biggest challenge was quickly evident, selling into the commercial real estate ma